Stories of a caring daddy

A digital book that will touch you

Do you know those family moments that leave us feeling lost?

Pregnancy, birth, the first days, the first illnesses, pandemic, the choice of kindergarten, day-to-day decisions, surgery and everything that involves the day-to-day lives of parents and caregivers with their children.

In this book, we tell you about real, challenging and touching cases we have been through.
With this book, parents who are at the beginning of their family life will realize that they are not alone.



The idea of this book is to share a little of our early life as a family. Moments when we did not know how to act, situations full of doubts and insecurities, but at the end of the day, with a sense of togetherness and love, everything fell into place.

We believe that, with this book, we can help some families not to feel as alone as we did in some situations. And for those who like real stories, this book will bring up a lot of emotions.


Have you ever been through this?

On one occasion our son had a temperature below 35 degrees. He was suffering from hypothermia, and we despaired.

Quando ele tinha 4 meses de vida, nós tivemos que rWhen he was four months old, we had to go to some doctors to find out if he needed surgery or not. It was very tense.ecorrer a alguns médicos para saber se ele precisaria operar ou não. Foi muito tenso.

Several times we did not know what the right decision was.

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